Our Lump Charcoal

Big Green Egg is committed to natural, eco-friendly products.

After all, “Green” is our middle name!


Most Australians are familiar with charcoal briquettes that are made from compressed blocks of coal dust or charcoal saw dust. Briquettes contain chemical additives to help them light and remain alight, so they often produce unpleasant odours and tastes.

Lump charcoal on the other hand, is simply carbonised wood, a by-product of burning wood in the absence of oxygen. Lump charcoal lights faster, burns hotter and leaves very little ash compared to briquettes.


Pure & Natural

Big Green Egg charcoal contains only 100% natural, ultra-premium American oak and hickory hardwood. You will see, smell and taste the difference immediately! And more importantly, our Lump Charcoal doesn’t contain any fillers, chemicals, treated woods or petroleum by products of any kind. In fact, Big Green Egg charcoal meets EPA environmental guidelines and is CE certified in the European Union.

Easy and Efficient

Big Green Egg Lump Charcoal is easy to light and can be usually ready for cooking in 10 minutes. It burns hotter and more efficiently than charcoal briquettes and produces less ash. So with less mess to clean up, each bag of premium lump charcoal delivers great value and performance.


Most importantly, food simply tastes better when cooked over our lump charcoal. Many chefs in fact, consider Big Green Egg lump charcoal to be their secret ingredient when preparing restaurant quality food on an EGG.

Available in two convenient sizes – 4.5kg and 9kg bags.

Big Green Egg 100% Natural Oak and Hickory Lump Charcoal… The Secret Ingredient for the Unmatched Flavour of Food Cooked on an EGG!