About the Egg

What is it made from?

How long will an EGG last?

How long will one load of charcoal last?

Are they easy to move?

How fragile is it, will it break?

What can I cook on an EGG?

What’s so different about the Big Green Egg

Where is the Big Green Egg manufactured?

There are a lot of EGGcessories that I would like to try. Where is my closest dealer?

Buying an EGG

What is a convEGGtor and why should I have one?

Where can I find pricing for EGGs and EGGcessories?

Why can’t I buy an EGG on the internet and have it shipped to my house?

What comes with the Egg?

How to use the EGG

Can I use wood chips with the charcoal?

Why cook with the lid down?

What is ‘Burping’?

How long does it take to light the charcoal?

Is there a rotisserie attachment available?

Do you have a cookbook available online?

How much clearance do I need from combustible material?

Can I place the EGG directly on wood or a table?

Why can’t I get the temperature in my EGG over 350˚F?

Can I use charcoal briquettes or lighter fluid in the EGG

Service and Care

How often do I need to empty the ash?

Can I cook on the EGG in the rain and in all-weather conditions?

How do I look after wooden components of the EGG, like the EGG Mates and Tables.

How do I clean my EGG?

I have an older EGG, will the new bands fit?

Do you sell just the dome or base?

The Dome on my XLarge EGG only opens halfway? What can I do?

My dome does not align with base.

The green glaze has chipped on my EGG. How do I get touch up paint?

My gasket has become separated or dislodged from the ceramic. What should I do?


My dome or base is cracked, is it covered under warranty?

My Temperature Gauge is fogged up, is it under warranty?

My EGG has a crack in the Fire Box? Is this covered in the warranty?

What is the warranty on the wood tables?

What is the warranty on my EGG and EGGcessories?

Can my dealer handle warranty issues?

How do I register the warranty on my new EGG?

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