Maintaining Your EGG

Keep you EGG clean and looking sharp by following these basic maintenance tips:

Between cooks, periodically check if Fire Box air holes are being blocked by charcoal.

Use the Ash Tool to rake out any ash that falls to the bottom of the EGG.

To clean the inside of the EGG, run a high heat burn (over 400°C) for 1-2 hours to burn off soot and grease from the inside of the Dome and off the grids and ConvEGGtor.

Once a year, you may need to calibrate the Big Green Egg Tel Tru thermometer by placing the tip in boiling water and verifying the temperature. If it needs adjusting, turn the nut on the back of the dial in order to fine tune the readout. Place in boiling water again to verify the temperature.

Check the bolts in the Spring Assisted Band & Hinge on a periodic basis as they can loosen over time and may require tightening.

If your gasket is badly damaged or is very sticky and causing problems when opening the dome, you may need to replace it with a new gasket (available at Authorised Big Green Egg Dealers).


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