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Over 5,000 years, clay tandoor pots were to bake bread and roast meats. In 1974, American entrepreneur Ed Fisher imported these egg-shaped ceramic cookers from Asia into the United States. Ed knew that with some key
design changes and with the addition of pure lump charcoal, barbecuing would be completely revolutionised!

Whilst people were initially sceptical, they were won over after tasting chicken wings grilled on a Big Green Egg outside Ed’s Atlanta store. Word quickly spread and fifty years later, these beautiful green ceramic grills are sold the world over.

Loved by a large and passionate community of EGGheads, the Big Green Egg is still the best ceramic charcoal grill you could ever own.

Lifetime Purchase

When you invest in a Big Green Egg, know that you can cook anything, anywhere, in any season and in any weather!

Buy well, buy once. How many gas grills has your family purchased over the years? The EGG's patented design, quality ceramic, world-famous customer service and limited lifetime warranty, means you will only need to every buy one grill - a Big Green Egg.

Big Green Egg is about gathering family, friends and neighbours around for an unrivalled live-fire cooking experience. Grill, Roast, Smoke, Pizza & Bake, the stylish and iconic Big Green Egg can do it all!

A Thing of Beauty

Whilst the Big Green Egg is known for quality, versatility and the delicious creations it produced, there is no denying it's majestic beauty! A stand out in any garden, custom outdoor kitchen, hardwood deck or balcony. There are five EGG sizes to choose from and many beautiful ways to house each one. How would it look in your home?

Passion for Quality

Crafted with precision and backed by decades of expertise, each Big Green Egg is meticulously designed to ensure exceptional quality and unmatched performance. We take pride in our craftsmanship, using only the finest materials and technologies to withstand the test of time, weather and years of constant use.

Can't get enough of the EGG? We understand.

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