About Big Green Egg

Tradition, Family & Food.

First and foremost, Big Green Egg is not just a BBQ brand, it's a lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing people together through one of humanity's oldest traditions: cooking over live fire, a practice dating back over 700,000 years. Our EGGs provide an opportunity for families to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and technology, and reconnect with each other. This is the essence of Big Green Egg and what it signifies to people worldwide.

Big Green Egg ceramic charcoal BBQs are known all over the world for their unparalleled versatility, world-class ceramics, flavour, and performance. The EGG is an all-in-one grill, wood-fired pizza oven, smoker, rotisserie, or can be a BBQ for an average Joe on nights you just want to cook the perfect steak. Live fire cooking over charcoal creates an ambience in your outdoor kitchen, and when renovators, home remodelers, or interior and exterior designers are looking for that statement piece, they choose Big Green Egg.

Big Green Egg embodies food, family, tradition, and features innovative design that is both original and unmatched, while remaining true to the most organic methods of cooking food.

Honoring Tradition

You've done gas, we all have! But what does gas really do to our food quality? One thing is for certain, it does not enhance flavours. For over 700,000 years, the tradition of cooking over live fire has stood the test of time in human civilization. So why did we switch to gas? Convenience? Our charcoal kamado cookers have burning, controllable, charcoal fires up and ready to cook on in just 15 minutes. But more importantly, they retain moisture and enhance the flavours in your food with natural smoke.

Organic Cooking

Embrace eco-friendliness and natural options with Big Green Egg. Choosing charcoal over gas isn't just about enhancing flavour, it's a sustainable choice. Did you know, charcoal production typically has a smaller carbon footprint than natural gas extraction? Beyond environmental benefits, cooking with pure lump charcoal elevates the natural qualities of food. With over 80 hours of cooking from one bag of charcoal, the Big Green Egg is a game-changer in efficiency and reliability.


The origins of the Big Green Egg trace back over 3,000 years to East Asia, where wood-fired clay ovens were already in use. These predecessors, discovered and embraced by the Japanese, were affectionately called 'kamado' (meaning 'oven' or 'hearth'). In the mid-20th century, American soldiers stationed in Japan encountered the succulent meals cooked on kamado by locals. Returning home, many brought a kamado as a souvenir to share those delicious flavours with their communities.


American serviceman and entrepreneur Ed Fisher was among those who discovered the domed clay cooker and its potential in the Western World. Astonished by the remarkable improvement in food flavour, he seized the opportunity to import these cookers. Knowing with some key design changes and with the additional of pure lump charcoal, barbecuing would be completely revolutionised! Atlanta, 1974, Ed opened the very first Big Green Egg store where he sold a simple clay kamado based on the same design and materials that had been used thousands of years ago.


Despite great results, the original cookers were fragile and lacked durability and ability to withstand being out in the elements as barbecues needed. Ed Fisher committed to improvement, joining forces with a cutting-edge factory, incorporating advanced NASA®-inspired ceramics. Their tireless work resulted in a vastly superior, stronger, more durable, and better-insulated Big Green Egg, now recognized as the top Kamado cooker in the market today.


The current generation of Big Green Eggs is the result of a combination of ancient wisdom and innovative technology. Born from its original version in East Asisa, the Big Green Egg line now spans seven sizes, reaching over fifty countries and over one million EGGheads. Buying an EGG means a lifetime warranty from a reputable company with fifty years of global acclaim for top-tier products and unmatched service. Often imitated but never surpassed, the Big Green Egg is the unrivaled Ultimate Cooking Experience. Remember, if it doesn't say Big Green Egg, it simply isn't.


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From food artisans and farmers to butchers, foodies, and even celebrities worldwide, everyone takes pride in their Big Green Egg. With over 1800 restaurants globally choosing to cook on our Eggs, we can't overlook the most essential individuals that use our products – you! Our valued EGGheads.

Florida M.

Big Green Happiness.

The food that comes off of the egg is unlike anything I've ever tasted. Everything is so juicy! Hands down the best chicken I've ever eaten. This 'grill' cooks food either directly like a standard grill, or indirectly-sort of like an oven


A safe investment

After using one and finding out that it was 20 years old - it was an east choice. Quality is top notch and clearly it’s built to last. Service and knowledge of staff was as good as the egg is too. 

Susan M.

Couldn't be happier.

We have owned a Big Green Egg for about 10 years and couldn't be happier. My husband cooks year round on the grill.

Caprice B.

Every home needs one

We loved it so much, we now have two. And just bought my son a large green egg as a house warming gift. 



Amazing grill. So happy with my purchase. Be prepared to be obsessed with grilling and trying different recipes. 

Kelly G.

Constantly amazed.

You can do anything on the Big Green Egg! You can smoke, bake, grill, and anything else you want to do! We use ours all of the time and are constantly amazed at how well everything turns out.



We have used the Egg every week, it's almost taken the place of our stove. One thing I like is you don't have to worry about the temp outside! It cooks consistently no matter what! 


Game Changer

Smoking meat will never be the same again. Only regret is not having purchased this sooner. 

Mel W.

Best Grill Ever!

This grill goes beyond grilling meats to perfection, it can smoke your meats, or even bake a pizza. Wonderful product for any culinary enthusiast.


Large EGG

I have owned one for 12 years and it is exceptional when it comes to barbecuing and smoking!! 


Best & Most Versatile Cooking

I have owned my Big Green Egg since 1993. It is by far the best cooking investment I have ever made. I could not imagine life without my BGE. 



I grew up with the Egg, my dad's egg looks like the day he took it out of the box, even though it is about 17 years old. I love to grill, and I love the flavour of charcoal/wood verses gas grills.

Can't get enough of the EGG?


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