Explore our comprehensive set guides to optimise your Big Green Egg experience. Covering cooking mode set up, cooking and maintenance tips and EGGcessory recommendations for each EGG size and every style of cooking!

TipsMinimum Internal Temperature

Minimum Internal Temperature

Follow our minimum internal temperature recommendations for the juiciest outcomes per protein, and to ensure happy and safe grilling for everyone. 

Cooking Set UpsCharcoal Flavour Profile Guide

Charcoal Flavour Profile Guide

Both Big Green Egg lump charcoal options are 100% natural and free from additives, chemicals, or petroleum. But which suits you best? We are here to break it down for you.

TipsSafety Tips

Safety Tips

The Big Green Egg offers a safe cooking experience when used correctly and following specific guidelines. It's crucial to handle fire and heat with utmost care. This caution extends to using the Bi...

Cooking Set UpsPizza Set Up Guide

Pizza Set Up Guide

With a few small changes, the Big Green Egg can be transformed into a Pizza and Tandoor oven!  Simply add a convEGGtor and a Pizza & Baking Stone and you are ready to produce and devour the mos...

Cooking Set UpsGrilling Set Up Guide

Grilling Set Up Guide

A great time to fire up the charcoal grill is when you're aiming for an authentic smoky flavour in your food. Charcoal grilling works wonders when you want to achieve high temperatures quickly, ide...

TipsHow To Burp Your EGG

How To Burp Your EGG

BE CAREFUL. To ensure a safe cooking experience with your EGG, it's essential to 'burp' it properly. Begin by cautiously cracking the dome open a few centimeters, taking your time to avoid any sudd...