How The Egg Works


Let us break down why and how the Big Green Egg works so amazingly and why our kamado cooker is the ultimate choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Patented Draft Door

Fresh air enters through our iconic, patented, precision flow draft door. You can accurately control the amount of air that enters the EGGs firebox. Another design feature that is often immitated, never with the same impact.

Cast Iron Fire Gate

The Fire Grate sits inside the Firebox. It is perforated to allow airflow up through the EGG and also allowing any ash to drop down for easy removal after cooking. The Fire Grate is included with an EGG purchase.

One Piece Ceramic Firebox

Our Fire Box stands up to searing temperatures without breaking a sweat. Founded on our tried and tested technology, we’ve built this design marvel to prevent any kind of breaking or cracking. It also features uniform holes for uniform airflow and convection, for better cooking and better longevity for your cook.

convEGGtor® Ceramic Plate

The is the most EGGcellent part of the Big Green EGG. Our convEGGtor® converts your Kamado Grill into a pizza oven, smoker, or slow roaster. Crafted from NSF certified ceramics for optimal temperature control and retention. Competitors frequently attempt to replicate it, without success.

50+ Configurations

If you can think of it, you can cook it on the EGG. That’s because it’s not just a barbecue — it’s a way of life. And just like all ways of life, it’s multi-faceted. You’ve got your searing grids, your roasting trays, your pizza stones, your saucepans. There are over 50+ cooking configurations available to you.

Patended Hinge System

Our patented realignment system ensures your EGG dome aligns perfectly on the base with each lid opening and closing. It's spring-loaded for easy lifting and gentle closure. Unlike stainless steel hinges, we use a rust-proof, specially coated alloy that prevents expansion under heat. With these unique hinges, your lid lasts a lifetime.

Hand Crafted Ceramics

Our dimpled lids are iconic for a reason: they’ve got the credentials to back up the hype. Each one is made by artisans in our award-winning factory in Mexico, and designed for the ultimate heat distribution experience. You’ll never have to turn your food again. Every EGG has a weatherproof coating tough enough for all kinds of weather and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tel-Tru Thermometer

The weatherproof high-temperature silicon gasket ensures accurate dome temperatures (100C - 400C). Tel-Tru thermometers, known for precision, ruggedness, accuracy, and responsiveness, have been made in the US for over 100 years. Calibrate them for long-term accuracy and responsiveness in any outdoor environment on your EGG.

rEGGulator Vent Cap

Introducing the rEGGulator: precise temperature control with weather, rust, and burn resistance. Enhance your cooking experience with improved burn efficiency, faster heat-up and cool-down times, and a variety of sustained temperature settings. Simply close the cap to extinguish your EGG.


It can be intimidating using something new, especially when it involves fire! But feat not, we are here to guide and teach you how to use your Big Green Egg safely and effectively, to provide you with tips and recipes and to help you to to care and maintain your lifetime investment.

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