Cleaning & Maintenance

Caring For Your Investment

Congratulations on owning the remarkable Big Green Egg! To ensure its peak performance and longevity, proper care and maintenance are essential. With a few simple steps and the aid of specialized Big Green Egg cleaning tools and products, you can keep your Egg in top-notch condition, ready to deliver exceptional cooking experiences time and time again.

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Self Cleaning

To remove the debris inside your EGG, simply fire it up & bring it to 300˚C. After 20 minutes your EGG will have cleaned itself.

Stubborn Spots

There is always one or two stubborn spots! Don't stress, our Dual-Brush Scrubber will remove remaining debris easily.

Clean Ceramics

Use a soft non-abrasive cloth and our Speediclean Ceramic Cleaner to keep your EGG shining, always avoid harsh chemicals to protect your ceramic finish.


Before you cook

Clear the airways of your EGG before every cook, this will ensure precise and consistent temperature control. Simply open your dome & give your coal a stir. Then open your draft door and use the Ash Tool to remove ash into the Ash Pan.

Take Good Care

Useful guides to help you maintain your Big Green Egg as well as some tasty inspiration.

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TipsMinimum Internal Temperature

Minimum Internal Temperature

Follow our minimum internal temperature recommendations for the juiciest outcomes per protein, and to ensure happy and safe grilling for everyone. 

Cooking Set UpsCharcoal Flavour Profile Guide

Charcoal Flavour Profile Guide

Both Big Green Egg lump charcoal options are 100% natural and free from additives, chemicals, or petroleum. But which suits you best? We are here to break it down for you.

TipsSafety Tips

Safety Tips

The Big Green Egg offers a safe cooking experience when used correctly and following specific guidelines. It's crucial to handle fire and heat with utmost care. This caution extends to using the Bi...