Cooking Set Ups

Lighting Your EGG


Clear the Airways
Use an Ash Tool to clear out any ash residue from the bottom of the EGG by sliding it in an out of the open Draft Door. This will optimise airflow throughout the fire box for precise temperature control during your cook.

Open up the EGG
Fully open the Draft Door, the rEGGulator Vent Cap and the Dome Lid to maximise ventilation for the lighting process.

Add Charcoal
Pour Natural Lump Charcoal into the EGG, leaving 5cm of clearance from the bottom of the Fire Ring rim.

Create a small teepee in the centre using charcoal pieces and add SpeediLight Charcoal Starters. 

EGGnite Your Charcoal
Use matches to light the Charcoal Starters then wait for charcoal to light. Our.

Using an EGGniter can speed up the process but our high quality charcoal ignites easily and burns rapidly, taking around 10-15 minutes before charcoal is fully lit.

Let it Burn
Maintain a robust fire for 5-10 minutes with the Dome Lid, Draft Door and rEGGulator Cap fully opened.

Maintain Desired Temperature
Once the desired temperature is reached, adjust the the Draft Door and rEGGulator simultaneously – depending on your Cooking Set-Up eg grill, roast, bake etc (refer our Cooking Set Up Guides).  Make gradual adjustments for precise control.

Commence Cooking
When the temperature stabilises without fluctuations, add your food to the EGG, close the Dome Lid and you're all set and ready to start cooking on your Big Green Egg!

Cooking Tip: Always cook with the Dome Lid closed. When the Dome Lid is opened to check on your food, be aware that temperatures will drop slightly. However, trust in the EGG's self-regulating design; the temperature will naturally rebound.

Safety Tip:  To avoid flashbacks, Burp Your EGG before opening the Dome Lid. Burping simply means opening the Dome Lid by 5-10cm to let hot air out. Then repeat the process 2-3 times, before fully opening the Lid. 

Safe Shutdown

Important: When cooking at high temperatures, it is important to undergo a Safe Shut Down to avoid moisture remaining inside your EGG which can cause the ceramic to crack when next heated.

Step One

At the end of the cook, simply shut down the Draft Door completely. Then slide the rEGGulator to the point where a small amount of heat is still able to escape.

Step Two

Leave for 15 minutes or until the internal temperature of the EGG drops to around 160°C, before fully closing the rEGGulator vent.

Step Three

Cool & Stow! Once the EGG has fully cooled, you can stow it away and / or place a custom cover over the top.