Explore our comprehensive set guides to optimise your Big Green Egg experience. Covering cooking mode set up, cooking and maintenance tips and EGGcessory recommendations for each EGG size and every style of cooking!

Set UpsEGG Set Up For Roasting

EGG Set Up For Roasting

Roasting on the Big Green Egg imparts a unique depth of flavour. From succulent meats to perfectly caramelized vegetables. Our clay construction provides a natural insulation, maintaining a steady ...

Set UpsEGG Set Up For Smoking

EGG Set Up For Smoking

Smoking food on the Big Green Egg infuses it with unparalleled flavour, thanks to its superior insulation and patented airflow control. Its versatility allows for precision cooking, whether you're ...

Set UpsEGG Set Up For Baking

EGG Set Up For Baking

For baking excellence, harness the power of a Big Green Egg. Its ceramic walls provide consistent, radiant heat, creating perfectly baked goods with a hint of smokey flavour. Just like a wood-fired...

Set UpsEGG Set Up For Pizza

EGG Set Up For Pizza

With a few small changes, the Big Green Egg can be transformed into a traditional Pizza and Tandoor oven!  Simply add a convEGGtor and a Pizza & Baking Stone and you are ready to produce and de...

Set UpsEGG Set Up For Grilling

EGG Set Up For Grilling

A great time to fire up the charcoal grill is when you're aiming for an authentic smokey flavour in your food. Charcoal grilling works wonders when you want to achieve high temperatures quickly, id...

Set UpsLighting Your EGG

Lighting Your EGG

Ready to cook on your Big Green Egg? Once it's hot and your thermometer is close to your target, set up your cooking surfaces. Whether it's the ConvEGGtor for indirect cooking or the Cast Iron Sear...