A great time to fire up the charcoal grill is when you're aiming for an authentic smoky flavour in your food. Charcoal grilling works wonders when you want to achieve high temperatures quickly, ideal for searing meats or getting that perfect char on vegetables.

Follow these steps to acheive the best, & safest results when grilling:

Step One

Pour 100% Pure Big Green Egg Lump Charcoal to the top of the Fire Box Rim.

Step Two

Fully open the Draft Door and the rEGGulator Vent Cap for the lighting and preheating stage.

Step Three

Place 3-4 SpeediLight Starters at the top of the charcoal pile around the rim. This way the fire will burn inwards until raging hot!

Step Four

Once you’ve reached your target cooking temperature of around 200˚C, adjust the Draft Door and the rEGGulator vent cap to the halfway point.

Step Five

No convEGGtor is required for direct grilling. Instead, cook directly on your Stainless-Steel Cooking Grid, or use a Cast Iron Full or Half Grid if you have one. You are now ready to grill!

Step Six

When grilling at high heat, always Burp your EGG! This means opening and closing the Dome Lid by only 5-10cm, a few times before opening the Dome Lid fully. Burping allows hot air to escape, thereby avoiding potential flash backs.

Safe Shutdown

Important: When cooking at high temperatures, it is important to undergo a Safe Shut Down. This process seeks to expel moisture from your EGG, avoiding potential cracks in your when next heated.

Step One

At the end of the cook, simply shut down the Draft Door completely. Then slide the rEGGulator to the point where a small amount of heat is still able to escape.

Step Two

Leave for 15 minutes or until the internal temperature of the EGG drops to around 160°C, before fully closing the rEGGulator vent.

Step Three

Cool & Stow! Once the EGG has fully cooled, you can stow it away and / or place a custom cover over the top.

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