For an authentic pizza experience, embrace the charm of a wood-fired oven. The crackling charcoal infuses a distinctive smokiness, elevating your pizza with a crispy, charred crust. Just as a charcoal grill imparts smoky flavour, a charcoal fuelled kamado grill is the key to artisanal pizza perfection.

Follow these steps to acheive the best, & safest results when cooking pizza:

Step One

Pour 100% Pure Lump Charcoal to the top of the Fire Box Rim.

Step Two

Fully open the Draft Door, the rEGGulator and the Dome Lid for the pre-heating stage.

Step Three

Add 3-4 Speedilight Starters on the top of your charcoal pile, create a teepee shape with charcoal around them, and use your EGGniter to ignite. The fire will naturally burn down into a shallow bowl shape.

Step Four

Wait for your EGG to reach a temperature of 245°C to 370°C, keep the Dome Lid open.

Step Five

Once at temperature, place your convEGGtor inside the EGG Base.

Step Six

Now add the Stainless Steel Grid on top of the Fire Ring.

Step Seven

Now add a clean, dry pizza stone on top of your Stainless Steel Grid, then let it heat up for 15-20 minutes with your EGG Dome Lid closed.

Step Eight

Dust the Pizza & Baking Stone and Pizza Peel with cornmeal / flour before sliding the first pizza onto the stone. You could also use baking paper instead of flour.

Step Nine

Always Burp your EGG before opening the Dome Lid. Simply rasise the lid 5-10cm a few times to allow hot air to escape before fully opening.

Step Ten

After safely opening, slide your pizza onto the heated Pizza Stone, close the lid, and allow 5-10 minutes of cook time.

Step Eleven

Check periodically after burping to see if the pizza is ready, checking for doneness.

Step Twelve

Use your Pizza Peel to gently remove the pizza from the EGG. Add more cornmeal / flour to the stone & peel and repeat the process from Step Nine until you are content with your pizza.

Safe Shutdown

Important: When cooking at high temperatures, it is important to undergo a Safe Shut Down to avoid moisture remaining inside your EGG which can cause the ceramic to crack when next heated.

Step One

At the end of the cook, simply shut down the Draft Door completely. Then slide the rEGGulator to the point where a small amount of heat is still able to escape.

Step Two

Leave for 15 minutes or until the internal temperature of the EGG drops to around 160°C, before fully closing the rEGGulator vent.

Step Three

Cool & Stow! Once the EGG has fully cooled, you can stow it away and / or place a custom cover over the top.

Grilled Cheesesteak Pizza

Grilled Cheesesteak Pizza

Make a delicious Australian-style pizza with juicy sirloin steak, roasted red peppers, and a mix of provolone and low-fat cheddar on a thin, crispy crust.