For an authentic pizza experience, embrace the charm of a wood-fired oven. The crackling charcoal infuses a distinctive smokiness, elevating your pizza with a crispy, charred crust. Just as a charcoal grill imparts smoky flavour, a charcoal fuelled kamado grill is the key to artisanal pizza perfection.

Follow these steps to achieve the best, & safest results when making Pizza on your Big Green Egg kamado cooker.

Fully open the Draft Door and the rEGGulator Vent for the pre-heating stage.

Fully open the Dome Lid and remove the stainless steel grid inside.

Fill Big Green Egg 100% Natural Lump Charcoal to 5cm from the top of the Fire Box rim. Tip: Gently rake with through any charcoal left in the Fire Box with your Ash Tool, to remove any blockages to Fire Grate holes.

Create a teepee shape with the charcoal and place the SpeediLight Starters at the top of the pile.

Use matches or your EGGniter to light the SpeediLight.
We recommend:
1-2 for MiniMax & Medium3-4 for Large, XL and 2XL

Wait 10-15 minutes, until your fire starts to burn down into a shallow bowl shape.

Once your EGG has hit your desired baking temperature (between 180°C-250°C), insert your convEGGtor on top of the Fire Ring.

Place the Stainless Steel Grid on top of the convEGGtor.

Place a dry Pizza & Baking Stone on top of the Grid. Let the internals heat up for a few minutes with Dome Lid open.

Now it's time to close your Dome Lid and let your EGG heat back up to temperature (between 180°C-250°C).

Please remember your temperature will drop before it rises again, don't panic.

Once your EGG has reached temperature, adjust your Draft Door leaving a 2cm opening and adjust your rEGGulator to ¼ way open, or until you are maintaining a stable temperature.

Before you open your EGG ensure you Burp Your EGG by lifting the Dome Lid around 5cm and closing a few times to let hot air escape.

Add semolina / cornmeal to your Pizza Peel to make it easy to slide your base onto the Pizza & Baking Stone.

Burp your EGG before opening the Dome Lid. Sprinkle semolina / cornmeal onto the Pizza & Baking Stone before placing your pizza in your EGG using a Pizza Peel.

Close your Dome Lid, and let the cooking begin.

Frequently check on your pizza as they don't take long to cook. Remembering to always Burp Your EGG before fully opening the Dome Lid.

Once you are satisfied with your Pizza, safely remove it from your EGG using BBQ Mitts and a Pizza Peel.

Safe Shutdown

Important: When cooking at high temperatures, it is important to undergo a Safe Shut Down to avoid moisture remaining inside your EGG which can cause the ceramic to crack when next heated.

Step One

At the end of the cook, simply shut down the Draft Door completely. Then slide the rEGGulator to the point where a small amount of heat is still able to escape.

Step Two

Leave for 15 minutes or until the internal temperature of the EGG drops to around 160°C, before fully closing the rEGGulator vent.

Step Three

Cool & Stow! Once the EGG has fully cooled, you can stow it away and / or place a custom cover over the top.

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